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Laramie County Fair
3801 Archer Parkway

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Laramie County Fair has been a family tradition in Southeastern Wyoming since 1907. The very first Laramie County Fair was held in Wheatland, Wyoming. Back when Wyoming only had twelve counties. Complete with a "Cheyenne Day," the county fair was an event for all ages. From the exhibits handcrafted by the ranch wives across the county to the Horse races on Friday night. The Laramie County Fair was the place to be during a hot day or chilly night in September.
From there, the Fair was moved to Burns. Only staying in Burns for around 7 years, the Laramie County Fair then moved to Pine Bluffs. But as most say, history repeats itself, and once again, Laramie County Fair had to let go of its home to the government so the buildings could be used as a prisoner of war camp during World War II. After the war, the Laramie County Fair was restarted thanks to the national 4-H movement and moved to its current location in Cheyenne sharing Frontier Park with the Daddy of 'em All, Cheyenne Frontier Days. The need for a home of its own for one of Wyoming's oldest and largest fairs is something that has shown since 1911 during the first move.

With the purchase of the Archer research and extension land in 2004, an 875 acre lot East of Cheyenne, Laramie County voters made it clear, they felt the fair needed a home of its own. Again in 2008, the voters approved to begin the infrastructure work on the Archer Complex and the building of a few administrative offices. Unfortunately, voters turned down a 6th Penny Specific Option Sales Tax proposition in 2012 to construct an event center on the Laramie County Fairgrounds at Archer. Without the passing of this building, Laramie County Fair currently remains at Frontier Park. The Laramie County Fair Board is investigating alternative routes to construct facilities and provide the Laramie County Fair a home of its own.

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