Tropical Dreams Festival

Tropical Dreams Festival
Saturday, Dec 9, 2023
Sturbridge Host Hotel

Tropical Dreams is a 5 room, multi-day musical conference and multifaceted event taking place at the Sturbridge Host Hostel in Sturbridge MA. Featuring all your favorite genres in oldschool rave, combined with some newschool flavor and all sorts of fun activities thrown in the mix, Tropical Dreams is sure to set your winter off proper.

Tropical Dreams 2023 features a newly redesigned layout which seeks to highlight our favorite areas of the festival and allow more room for everybody to dance! This year our main stage will be moving to the Atrium where we will keep the party pumping all night long. This also means that our Drum & Bass and hardcore rooms are moving into larger rooms! With 5 unique areas of music happening this year, Tropical Dreams is guaranteed to keep you dancing from start to finish.

Beyond the music, Tropical Dreams focuses on bringing you a fully immersive weekend experience with games, activities, and workshops throughout the weekend! Whether you’re competing in the scavenger hunt to win tickets, the twerkshop to learn a new move, or spinning the wheel of misfortune to determine your fate we’ll make sure we do our best to bring a smile to your face!

Included in our extra activities will be the following:

- Game shows complete with prizes

- Comedy shows from some of your favorite DJs and crews

- Sound healing

- Yoga

- Flow arts workshops

- Dance workshops

- interactive art

- Body painting

- Board games & DnD

- Self-defense workshop

- Safety and harm reduction seminars

More details and activities to be announced as the dates approach, keep your eyes on the page for more info!

There are over 200 hotel rooms available on site at the Sturbridge Host Hotel for this event and they can booked through our ticketing site! No need to travel back anywhere after the night is done and you're all tuckered out, you can crash in the comfort of your own on site hotel room and be right back to business in the morning.

Looking for somewhere quieter to stay off site, but still not looking to drive yourself around? No worries, we’ve got you covered! This year we are offering hotel packages off site for our guests who really enjoy actually getting to sleep. If rest is essential in your weekend, we recommend picking the offsite hotel rooms to ensure a quieter environment for your comfort. Off site packages will become available for purchase later this summer!

Throughout the time leading up to the event we will happily be providing information about awesome local spots to grab a bite to eat, as the surrounding area has every type of delicious food imaginable and we want to make sure you all get the chance to check it out!

If you have a disability requiring special accommodations please reach out to let us know so we can make sure your needs are adequately addressed.

This event is:


Subject to ROAR at the door

We look forward to seeing you in Sturbridge for a weekend of fun and entertainment tropicaldreams.

Don't forget to support local business during your stay with us! There are a plethora of restaurants and businesses near by that would love to see you on your way though town.

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