Telluride Mushroom Festival

Telluride Mushroom Festival
Friday, Aug 19, 2022 at 9:00am

42nd Annual Telluride Mushroom Festival

The Telluride Mushroom Festival has been celebrating all things mycological, from the newest advancements in mushroom science to our famous wild foods dinner demo. Held annually in Telluride, Colorado, TMF is a can’t miss event with a colorful history in one of the most beautiful locations on earth.

Ah Haa Arts

10:00am: Workshop- Wild Mushroom Puppet Theater for Kids 7-12
5:00pm: Special Event: Wild Foods Tasting with Katrina Blair

Elks Park
9:00am: Hospitality Desk - Open to Public
9:00am: Registration/Will Call Desk
11:00am: Workshop: Media Preparation for Cultivating Mushrooms on Straw and Other Agricultural Byproducts
1:00pm: Mushroom Identification at the ID Tent

Elks Park & Oak Street Park
9:00am: Mushroom Festival: Vendor Village

Mountains in and around Telluride
9:00am: Edible Mushroom Forays Half Day
9:00am: Edible Mushroom Forays Full Day

Palm Theatre
6:00pm: Lecture: The Life and Times of Ethnobiologist Richard Schultes
7:15pm: Keynote Lecture: Adventures with Psilocybin-Producing Mushrooms: New Insights on Their Evolution and Diversity

Sheridan Opera House
9:00am: Lecture: Myco-Technologies and The Many Uses of Mycelium
10:15am: Lecture: Bio-manufacturing with Mycelium: Better Living Through Fungi
11:30am: Lecture: Applications of Native Fungi in Mycoremediation
12:45pm: Lecture: A Love Affair with Porcini Mushrooms 20 Years in the Making
2:00pm: Lecture: How Did It Get Here? Exploring Fungal Dispersal Strategies
3:15pm: Lecture: Amanita Mushrooms of the Rocky Mountains Region
4:30pm: Open Myc: Audition and Rehearsal
9:00pm: The MycoLuscious MycoLicious MycoLogical Poetry Show with Art Goodtimes and Friends

Show Bar
12:30pm: Book Signing: Christopher Hobbs
3:00pm: Book Signing: Gena Bone and Chad Hyatt

Telluride Library
10:00am: Workshop: Handmade Paper from Fungi!

Transfer Warehouse
9:00am: Lecture: Colorado Mushrooms for Beginners
10:00am: Lecture: Medicinal Mushrooms for Beginners
11:00am: Lecture: Mushroom Identification, Knowledge, Lore...and More! (A Discussion with World Experts)
12:00pm: Demonstration: Cooking Mushrooms with Chad Hyatt: Part 2
2:00pm: Demonstration: Gourmet and Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation