Sierra Poetry Fringe Festival

Sierra Poetry Fringe Festival
Saturday, Apr 20, 2024 at 9:00am
Various Venues in Nevada City


9:00-10:30am: Poetry at Nevada City Farmers Market
A celebration of Poetry on the theme of Earth Day!

Location: Robinson Plaza on Union Street

Doors at 6:00 pm | Reading at 6:30 pm

Tracks Along the Left Coast
This year, we sought to extend our focus from those who have written from, or passed through, the Ridge, to other watersheds and their associated poets. Our theme, ‘Tracks Along the Left Coast’—is a nod to Schelling’s "Post Coyote at Orono", a nod to Jaime de Angulo himself, and a nod to all those who continue making tracks. What have song, story, and language been on this westerly chunk of the continent? What funny forms might they take today, and what might they look and sound like in days to come? How does land make culture?

Our current line-up is: Andrew Schelling, Jacquie Bellon, Jim Dodge, Jerry Martien, and Mariee Siou.
Tickets: $20 presale | $25 at the door

Location: North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center, Nevada City, CA