Hell's Half Mile Film And Music Fest At State Theatre

Saturday, Sep 29, 2018 at 11:00am


11:00 am Michigan Matinee Saturday Shorts

1h 30m

1:30 pm More Art Upstairs

1h 26m

Set against the backdrop of the Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize, this film is a relaxed and immersive look at an event that consumes the city for three weeks. The follows artists, judges, the public, and organizers as they keep tabs on what’s trending. Prize winners are ultimately decided by the public and professionals with tension between both prizes. The film leaves you with the question “what makes good art” and who gets to decide?”

4:00 pm Hunting Lands

1h 23m

Frank Olsen, a veteran turned recluse, witnesses the aftermath of a heinous crime on the normally tranquil, but desolate, wintery lands where he hunts and fends for himself. Instinctively, Frank collects the tarp-wrapped victim and quietly investigates and tracks the would-be killer circumventing the untrustworthy local police. Shot completely in Northern Michigan, Hunting Lands has a quiet intensity that makes this a must-see homegrown thriller.

6:30 pm A Moment In The Reeds

On holiday from university, Leevi returns to his family’s summer cottage in Finland to help his estranged and bitter father with renovations. When the father is called back to the city for business, Leevi is left alone with Tareq, a Syrian refugee, hired by his father to help out. The potential for more than a romance unfolds as they share their dreams and so much more.

1h 47m

9:00 pm The Drawer Boy

It’s 1971 and a Toronto performance troupe ventures out to Ontario’s countryside to research a theater project. Miles, a young actor, befriends two aging farmers, a gruff workhorse named Morgan and his lifelong friend Angus, who suffers from memory loss. As Miles observes their daily rituals and learns their secret stories, he comes to suspect that Morgan is a less reliable narrator than he lets on.

1h 37m

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