Cascade Festival Of African Films

Cascade Festival Of African Films
Thursday, Feb 29, 2024 at 7:00pm
PCC Cascade
705 North Killingsworth Street


7:00 p.m: Transactions at PCC Cascade, 53 min.
Women Filmmakers Week, Documentary Series
Directed by Rumbi Katedza
2022, 53 min
Transactions’ tells a story of Zimbabwean migration through a family divided by the circumstances of a failed economy. Three siblings, Frank, Miles, and Portia, sustain their family through remittances while longing for the country and family they left behind. Their mother, MaMlilo, is a conduit of all the family’s challenges in a hyper-inflated economy. Everyone who needs money comes to her in the hopes that she can help them financially. With each monetary transaction, expectations are raised on both sides.