Cabin Fever Music Festival

Saturday, Apr 7, 2018 at 10:00am



Stage Schedule

Radisson Ballroom Afternoon
11:00: Timbre Junction
11:40: May North
12:20: Rosby Corner
1:00: Double Down Daredevils
1:45: Patty and The Buttons
2:30: Cousin Dad
3:15: Georgia Rae Family

Incline Station Dinner Show
4:30 PM: The Fish Heads
5:45 PM: TrueGrass Trio

Avalon Dance Center
6:00-9:00 PM: Old-Time Dance with music by The O'Neill Family and Four Mile Portage, and dances called by Terrence Smith. 

Radisson Ballroom Evening
​7:00: Georgia Rae Solo Fiddle Loop​
7:30: Raffle Drawings
7:45: Patty and The Buttons
8:45: Georgia Rae Family
9:45: Cousin Dad

Radisson Hotel - Various Locations
Jam Sessions (ongoing all day)

Workshop Schedule

Workshops, Room A, Radisson Hotel
10:00 AM: Traditional Minnesota Dance Hall Music (polka, waltz, mazurka, hambo) with Patrick Harison (accordion) of Patty and the Buttons.

11:20 AM: Traditional Jazz and Swing Repertoire and History with Tony Balluff (clarinet) of Patty and the Buttons.
12:40 PM: Introduction to Improvisation:  with Georgia Rae of The Georgia Family Band. Georgia Rae will help you find the courage and give you the some tools to take the plunge and start to do your own breaks.  She uses her loop pedal in this workshop. For all instruments.
2:00 PM: Pedal Steel Demonstration with Paul Jones of the Fish Heads.  After sitting directly in front of Paul and his machine at a Fish Head gig last summer, we were wowed by the sounds he was making, but also by everything that went on with the pedals and levers below the fretboards.

Workshops, Room B, Radisson Hotel
10:00 AM: Bass Workshop. Different Musical Genres with Keith Boyle of Patty and the Buttons and Pete Mathison of Cousin Dad .
11:20 AM: Making Mandolin Easier:  with Ross Vaughan of Cousin Dad.: Chords and why one plays them a certain way as opposed to another way; setting yourself up to solo out of chord positions. Double stops, easy intro licks and how to find the melody of a song be ear.

12:40 PM: Fiddler's Toolkit. How to practice to improve technique with Tom Schaefer of Cousin Dad.: Tom  teaches the techniques he uses to improve his technique.  One example is bowing exercises to improve tone quality.